All in person sessions are being temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.  Please keep checking back for updates and notifications of when in person sessions can resume.  Remote/distance sessions may be available.  Contact the individual practitioner for details.

Energetic healing occurs at the level of the luminous (or energy) body and in the realm of the soul. Healing of the mind, emotions, and physical body naturally follow. The shaman facilitates healing by acting as a bridge between you and energy, or spirit. This facilitation is necessary for healing. Shamanic energy medicine can dramatically improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Shamanic energy medicine can assist with depression, sadness, anxiety, disease, pain, unhealthy relationship patterns, a feeling of being lost or stuck. Shifts often happen quickly, relative to other methods. One session of shamanic work can achieve what might take years to accomplish using another modality. Shamanic energy medicine can also remove blocks to living your best life and assist with major life transitions and death and dying.

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