Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Consciousness Healing Frequency is a dynamic force for change that occurs gently, easily and quickly. Many people fear change. It’s in our nature to keep the status quo. It’s a safe place to be in an ever evolving world. 

Accessing the highest source of quantum consciousness, the necessary vibrations or frequencies for healing are released from or received to each person in a holistic way to the person’s complete mind-body-spirit system: conscious, subconscious, all physical and non physical sensory and subtle energy systems®.  

By examining deeply held beliefs, experiences and feelings in a powerfully safe space physically, emotionally and energetically, we will identify, confirm and shift what is troubling and holding you back from being all that you can be and actually are-a unique expression of the Creative Force. 

Have you ever wondered why an issue keeps coming back in different forms? Many traditional healing techniques only address these issues on one level. However, the source of issues hide deep in the subconscious which is transmitted to the central nervous system and physical body . 

Quantum Consciousness addresses the root cause of difficulties on multiple conscious and subconscious levels. It frees you from the unseen bondage of trauma, genetically held thought patterns, resentments and much much more.

Jennifer Farrar Healing Peace Within

Healing Peace Within

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