Jan's Bliss Free Consultation

All sessions are being done remotely please contact Jan at 319-331-8674 or at heinjan764@aol.com.

A 30 minute introductory session to explore Presentime’s services. Visit Jan Hein, Presentime® during her regular office hours Wednesday thru Friday from 1:30 to 5:00pm.  All sessions are conducted while streaming the Highest of Master Consciousness. You receive a reading and a healing at each session through transforming guided meditations. You choose the meditation based on your needs and intuition. Each session’s Energy Exchange is 90 mins for $70.00. The Class Energy Exchanges are indicated with their descriptions. An every other week Support Group for Mind, Body and Soul is offered by Jan Hein. You can find more details in the Events Section about the support group. A Love Offering is appreciated for the room.

$20/30 mins.


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