Meeting Your Galactic Community

All sessions are being done remotely please contact Jan at 319-331-8674 or at

A Transformative Meditation with your Divine Connection where you are offered a healing and a reading while you are introduced to your Unique Energy while you visit the temple of the Purple Violet Flame of Freedom. The Temple of the Purple Violet Flame is a visionary destination during the meditation. The Eternal Violet Flame resides deep within the core of the planet within the Crystalline Caves. You are safely introduced to this beautiful energy during the meditation by also inviting in your Master Consciousness according to your unique beliefs. The visit to the Violet Flame includes Releasing what no longer serves you on your journey; Allowing the transforming Energies to integrate within you and Accepting who you are and why you are here. When you safely complete your visit to the Temple of the Purple Violet Flame you are introduced to your Temple of combined Energies gathered from the Crystalline Grid of the Planet and the Energies streaming from the Great Central Sun and the Stars of the Galaxy. Your Inner Trinity. Here at the visionary temple you will receive a moment of rest, peace and tranquility. You can ask and receive guidance on any questions you may wish to present. The experience is unique to you and according to your own inner wisdom. This session is also a prerequisite for the Intensive DNA Activation Master Class. You will know if the Master Class is for you according to your inner wisdom.


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