All in person sessions are being temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.  Please keep checking back for updates and notifications of when in person sessions can resume.  Remote/distance sessions may be available.  Contact the individual practitioner for details.

Personal Chakra Grids 7-$20 or 12 shape-$27:
These grids set up the energies for yourself. Grids attract energies that you choose in your life and repel energies which do not.

Grids for your home or work space: 7-$20 or 12-$27: Set up the energy. (You must have a personal chakra grid running before this grid is installed).

49 Shape Grid for Healing or Goal-$49. This comes as a set – one personal grid and one community grid.

144 Shape Grid: Also comes as set-$178. Grids for the world, earth, and personal long term goals or chronic diseases, and more.

The Dancing Light

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