New Heart of the Universal

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This is an important tool offered in the spirit of raising consciousness for ourselves and others. Most importantly, this activation will support your ability to know what to do according to your vision and values as a co-creator in these new times of change, and it will also support your ability to know when the time is right to take action or when to remain in quiet stillness. The response is always according to your inner wisdom. Through a tapping exercise, this activation of the Heart of the Universal Human initiates new levels of light and energy within the heart of the solar plexus. It is time to be more present, and allow your-self to move into a healthy, balanced, sense of Self or Soul. You are encouraged to embrace this ability to say “Yes” to yourself and more of who you are. As you continue to do this activation you increase the radiating of the light and energy already developed within the centers of your Heart, High Heart and Crown. It is time for a quantum leap in the energy of Infinite Love and Intelligence. This activation is always shared in the Energy of Infinite Love through the Divine. Your response to the activation is always according to your inner wisdom. You feel and say, “Yes” to yourself.

$70/90 mins.


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