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All in person sessions are being temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.  Please keep checking back for updates and notifications of when in person sessions can resume.  Remote/distance sessions may be available.  Contact the individual practitioner for details.


Nothing good comes from contracted energy.  Life is just stressful and we think this is normal. But we also know how good it feels to be in flow or in alignment, as they say.  Decisions come easily; we just know what to do; the right person calls at the right time, we have an overall sense of well-being.
That is your natural state.  Sometimes we can’t get there on our own.  We need help.  A session with a distance healer can provide that.  Let me help you reconnect to your Divine Self and restore balance.  Think of me as a spiritual technician– someone you call to help you clear and reconnect to your own Divine Wisdom.
A session takes approximately 50 minutes.  We begin by chatting for 2-10 minutes to establish a connection to your energy field.  I then put down the phone and do the healing by focusing in on each of your energy centers and doing a reading and clearing.  You will be in an open, meditative and relaxed state of receiving and observation.  This process takes about 20 minutes.  Then we talk again and I share with you what I found.
Holding space, allowing your Divine Self to come through me to re-establish a connection to you and talk to you.  I simply channel you to you.
Lois PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center Practitioner

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