DNA Activation to Self Mastery

All sessions are being done remotely please contact Jan at 319-331-8674 or at heinjan764@aol.com.

DNA Activations Master Class: Three-3 hour sessions, at $444.00 total, plus 3 free 30 minute follow up sessions. Prerequisite: Inviting and Integrating Your Unique Energy, for personal guidance. During this Intensive you receive transformative meditations and audio/visual aids to assist you with receiving multiple levels of DNA Activations and experiencing Your unique Self-Discovery. Everything presented is in Divine order while streaming the highest of Master Consciousness Energy. Each 3 hour session builds upon the last one. You are given the time you need for integrating each session before moving onto the next, all according to your Inner Wisdom. You will receive a copy of the book ‘Energy In Motion Expanding With DNA Releasing’ by Jan Hein, included with the cost of the class.


Step 1. DNA Releasing to Self-Healing: Learning to use your gifts for self-healing and transformation. Through intuitive messages and readings, you learn how to use your innate gifts for self-healing, finding self-love and self-transformation. In the beginning, you are guided to discover simple tools for releasing what no longer serves you. You experience a meditation that gently releases feelings, emotions, images, or beliefs that do not allow you to move forward on your journey of Discovery.

Step 2. DNA Releasing to Self-Mastery: Activating and Integrating your Human and Master Self. In this session, through intuitive messages and readings you learn to recognize the difference between your human aspect personality (who you think you are) and your master aspect personality (who you really are at your core). Self Mastery is an intention to become the Master of your own personal life, including your thoughts, desires and feelings about who you are and why you are here. You leave behind all judgment about yourself and others. You discover that contentment comes to you when you honor all humanity and realize you are all together and yet you are each on your unique journey. Then you have a glimpse of your Master Self, living the life you have always desired. You are then guided to discover how to begin to harmonize with the Human and Master self through continued releasing what does not serve you while allowing and accepting your abilities for Self Healing and following your Soul’s desire.

Step 3. DNA Releasing to Soul Integration: Allowing your Soul Integration, your Trans-Sensory Human/Master Self (Your Uniqueness), all to be integrated within your Sacred Heart. You are introduced to your Unique Trans-Sensory Master Self (your seemingly magical, sensitive self). All of which is according to your own inner wisdom and in your Divine Order. Your Higher Self and your Soul integrate with your Human Self, all with ease and grace. You are then placed, through your choosing on the path of your Soul’s Desire as a Human experiencing a unique Contented Embodiment into Enlightenment. All of these sessions are streaming the highest of Master Consciousness Energy. You are ready to allow and accept Your Unique Energies as you realize that your Will and God’s Will have become ONE!

$444/9 hrs (payment options available)


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