DNA Activation to Self Mastery

Three 3 hour sessions plus 3 complimentary follow-up sessions.  Through Transformative Meditation and visual/audio aids, you will be experiencing multiple levels of DNA Activation, Quantum Style, all according to your Divine Order.

Session 1-DNA Activation to Self-Healing:  Learning to Use Your Gifts for Self-Healing and Transformation.  Through intuitive messages, you will be learning how to use the gifts that you have for self-healing, finding self-love and self-transformation.  In the beginning, you will be guided to discover simple tools for releasing what no longer serves you.  You will have assistance in gently releasing feelings, emotions, images or beliefs that do not allow you to move forward on your journey.

Session 2 -DNA Activation to Self-Mastery:  Activating Your Human and Master Self.  You will be introduced to recognizing the difference between your human aspect and your master aspect personality.  When you are ready, you will be guided to discover how to begin to harmonize with the Human and Master Self.

Session-3:  DNA Activation to Soul Integration:  Allowing Your Soul Integration, your Trans-Sensory Human Self (Your Uniqueness) to be integrated with your Sacred Heart.  When you are ready you will be introduced to your Unique Trans-Sensory Human Self, where all of your senses are highly activated all according to your inner wisdom and Divine Order.

Feel free to schedule a highly recommended 30 minute session at no extra cost to follow-up on your progress as these sessions stream a very high Christ Consciousness Energy.