The Create Beautiful meditation series is a continuation of the Spiritual Awakening Meditations offered at PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center, by Cindy Fox and Xander Bellus. In order to bring these meditations to life on line we have assembled a small team of people who are dedicated to the conscious awakening of every individual to the experience of their authentic self and unique expression of LOVE!

All audio meditation offerings are a combination of guided imagery infused with healing vibrations of love that are intended to deepen, uplift and awaken you. Every individual involved in the creation of these meditations wishes you well on your journey of self-discovery. May the Light that you discover you are, shine brightly and Create Beautiful in the world!

The Create Beautiful Team will be posting three introductory meditations as our gift to you to introduce ourselves and our work, but most importantly, because we feel strongly that each one of these, brings awareness to a necessary step in enhancing every individual’s wellbeing and awakening.

The first meditation in the series:

I Am Presence