This crystalline energy activation service begins with a Guided Meditation where you are introduced to the Crystalline Energy of the planet. This Energy begins deeply within the core of the planet and is streaming throughout the earth and forms a grid around the planet. This meditative activation is an overlay of energies, your energy and the planet’s Crystalline energy.  During this Crystalline Energy activation service you will be balanced through your Chakra Energy Centers; connected to the Divine Energy and cleared of all that is not in alignment with your Soul’s Desire. During the meditation you will receive an invitation to become a Crystalline Energetic Communicator between the planet Earth and the (Stars) Galaxies. You know now, intuitively according to your unique beliefs, if these words resonate with you. You know if this Activation is to become a part of your journey. The highest of Master Consciousness Energy is present for this activation. Your experience is always according to your Inner Wisdom.

$70/90 mins.

All sessions are being done remotely please contact Jan by phone at 319-331-8674 or by email at


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