Wild Septarian Free Form


Sacred marriage of Calcite, Aragonite, Chalcedony and sometimes Baryte. This amazing stone combination teaches one cooperation on all levels and brings balance to mind, body and spirit.



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Chakra(s): Root, Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
Element(s): Earth, Fire, Water

Septarian or Wild Septarian is a magnificent blend of Yellow Calcite, Brown Aragonite, Chalcedony and sometimes Baryte. This sacred marriage of many elements makes Septarian the master mediator as it teaches us how to bridge the many facets of disconnected ideas and beliefs and enter into a state of cooperation and acceptance. It opens us to see clearly the point of view of another and is inspirational in bringing harmony to couples, groups, and conflicts that exist within ourselves. It brings us a renewed sense of joy and self as it guides one to experience the empowerment that exists in harmonious living. Septarian energies ground us deep into the consciousness of beloved Gaia and recalibrate us to her precious life force, opening us to a deeper connection with the natural kingdom and Devic Realm bringing feelings of peace, stability, and tolerance that arise when one is well grounded. It brings healing to the emotional body, dissolving past trauma, healing old wounds inspiring self-confidence, flexibility, and patience.

Septarian brings healing to mind, body and spirit with its blended energies of Love, enhancing communication with spirit guides and connection to the Divine. It aligns chakras and energy bodies, and opens blocked meridians in the physical body. It shields from psychic attack and negative external energy and force. Septarian is a magical crystal often referred to as Dragon Stone because of its beautiful and unique appearance and……. may very well carry some of the magical qualities of this ascended beast.

In healing, Septarian is believed to bring relief to issues affecting the kidneys and muscles. Assists healing of seasonal affective disorder, anemia, and kidney stones. Instills confidence, tolerance, peace, patience, flexibility, and how to speak from a place of truth. Additionally, it is thought to enhance communication.

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