Vanadinite energy carries a powerful vibration, birthed from the element of fire, that brings about dynamic transformation that quiets the incessant chatter of the small mind and reconnects us with the abyss of thought vibrating within that we share with the Divine. Vanadinite inspires passion, creativity, strength, vitality and so much more!

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Chakra(s): Earth Star Chakra, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Zodiac: Virgo

Element(s): Fire

Vanadinite energy brings a powerful vibration that quiets the incessant chatter of the small mind which allows us to reunite us with the abyss of thought vibrating within that we share with the Divine. It moves us away from thought patterns that are chaotic and disconnected and inspires forward movement based on ordered and thoughtful action.  

Vanadinite grounds us deep into the Earth and the consciousness of Gaia and realigns us with our Earth Star Chakra and Hara Line, which are our lifelines into the heart of the Divine Feminine Aspect, conscious connection to the natural kingdom and conscious awareness of our soul purpose in this embodiment. It reflects to us the infinite possibilities that can be accomplished and experienced when we open, balance and activate our lower chakras and  are open to receive the vital life force energies from these two sources of unconditional love. 

Vital life force brings renewed strength, health, stability and calm to body, mind and emotion. It dispels the discomfort of being in our bodies and the world, ignites our passion and creative mind and guides us to see practical ways to manifest these ideas into our physical experience. Vanadinite soothes the Solar Plexus and exposes our distorted self-concepts while teaching us about the power that lives in the act of surrender and letting go, encouraging us to divest from our story, drama, and all things past and present that no longer serve our highest good or support the manifestation of our hearts’ sincere desires. Vanadinite is a powerful crystal Ally that is birthed from the element of fire and will surely bring fiery and powerful transformation into your experience. 

In healing, Vanadinite is believed to ease issues affecting kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, hormonal system, lungs, brain. Ease chronic fatigue, ease depression and anxiety.

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