Tree of Life Pendant


Tree of Life symbolizes our connection and interaction with the Divine, our connection to Heaven and Earth and the Divine Law of Giving and Receiving.

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Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: All
Element(s): All

The Tree of Life is a sacred metaphysical symbol of our connection to the Divine. Like a great tree that is rooted deep and wide into Mother Earth, the tree gifts us with an eternal reflection of the state of higher consciousness and the peace, joy, and awakening that occurs when we exist in a state of balanced giving and receiving. The roots of the tree reach deep into the Earth and the consciousness of Gaia, our beloved planet. It draws from her body vital life force, minerals, and water that move up the roots into the tree imbuing it with the mystery, healing, and qualities of the Feminine. Up into its branches this vital force of Love moves. Here it meets with the Masculine aspect of Solar Deity, and the magic of photosynthesis or sacred marriage takes place when they merge, creating an explosion of Light and life force that moves back through the leaves, down the branches, trunk and roots returning balanced life force to the heart of the sun at the center of our planet. This balanced life force brings the deep healing of the masculine force, clearing body and energy bodies, detoxing mind, body and spirit, reflecting to us and awakening us to the magic of balanced living and the Divine Law of Giving and Receiving.

The Tree of Life symbolizes this interaction of the Divine Aspects of God taking place within us. It symbolizes our connection to all that is and the joy and unconditional love that is experienced when we become a conduit of this Divine exchange. Like the tree which begins its journey as a small seed that grows into the embodiment of higher consciousness, so we begin our personal spiritual journey. As we clear and activate the chakras in our physical and fourth dimensional solar spine, as we connect deeply into the beloved consciousness of our planet and her eternal giving of the fruits of her body, and as this powerful force meets with the sun, a Divine explosion of Light takes place awakening us to our true identity and connection to all that is. Like our planet, the tree in its out-picturing of higher consciousness gives of its fruits as we then will give our service to the evolving consciousness of humanity.

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