Tiger Eye & Rutilated Quartz Bracelet


Balance between extremes, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality, fairness, expanding awareness, quickening manifestation, amplification.

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Chakra(s): Sacral, Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Capricorn, Gemini
Element(s): Fire, Earth

Tiger Eye carries a frequency of calm and inspires deeper states of stillness and awareness. In these moments, Tiger Eye is able to guide one to find harmony and balance wherever the conflict of opposites exist, teaching us right use of will and integrity, and guiding us to the path that leads to transcendence of these dualistic challenges. Tiger Eye channels Divine Energy into our third dimensional, physical experience bringing it down through the chakra column to anchor into the heart of our planet. This makes Tiger Eye an excellent grounding stone, one that promotes balance between our masculine and feminine nature. This activity of Light assists in centering and quieting mind and emotion which leads to opening awareness to our innate talent and abilities. Tiger Eye shows us the qualities of perseverance, patience, and focused intention, qualities that are essential to bring about the action needed to make our dreams a reality.

In healing, Tiger Eye is believed to have a positive effect on digestion, metabolism, and issues affecting eyes, throat, lungs, and reproductive organs. It may be useful to alleviate pain, ease migraines, and release toxins. It is considered a stone of protection, and many believe it will attract good luck. Additionally, Tiger Eye is considered an ally for stabilizing mood swings and releasing tension. It is a catalyst for enhancing creativity and self-confidence, and awakens a deep sense of courage to assist with the continuum of change in all aspects of life.

Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: Gemini, Taurus
Element(s): Air, Water

Rutilated Quartz is believed to inspire messages from the Divine. It is a powerful amplification crystal that creates a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms promoting right use of will. It opens spiritual vision, taps the resources of one’s innate wisdom and links deeper consciousness to the Divine to show one their place in creation as well as the duality world – this it does simultaneously. Rutilated Quartz can be a powerful ally in understanding one’s potential, unearthing one’s deepest dreams, and guiding dreams into manifestation. It brings healing to the wounds of the past, enhance psychic abilities, intuition, and creativity, and act as a catalyst that motivates one to right action. Rutilated Quartz provides protection from the negativity of the world and bestows feelings of upliftment and joy as it grounds the Light of the Divine into us.

In healing, Rutilated Quartz is believed to detox the blood, cleanse the aura of negativity, eases depression, thyroid imbalance, and respiratory issues and recharges the body and energy bodies with Light!


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