Smoky Elestial Quartz


Smoky Elestials channel Divine energies of love to individuals and masses. They awaken our connection to the Angelic and spiritual realms, inspire grounding and cleansing and offer powerful protection.

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Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Element(s): Earth

Smoky Elestials carry a powerful force for transformation for both the individual and masses. They create a bridge between the human consciousness and the Divine Cosmic Mind, assisting us in an extraordinary exploration of our soul journey through time and space and its purpose in our current life embodiment. It is believed that Smoky Elestials assist in opening the Akashic Records and inspire access to the sacred wisdom of the higher dimension of Light. These crystals generally show up when we are ready for the next step in our journey of unfolding. Although they hold within them the frequencies of Light needed to bring about transcendence of our duality earthly experience, Smoky Elestials only bring to us or the environment the energies of transformation that are in balance and harmony for our next step.

As a master grounding medium, Smoky Elestial channels energies from above and grounds this flow of Life Force deep into the Consciousness of Gaia, bringing balance and alignment to physical and energy bodies and to the Earth. It purifies body, energy bodies, and the environment due to its powerful ability to absorb, transmute, and dissolve negative energy and thought forms.

In healing, Smoky Elestials are believed to empower, inspiring self-confidence and leadership. They are also believed to be a powerful ally during challenging times, helping to dissolve fear of change and guiding one towards the path of new beginnings. Additionally, Smoky Elestials are thought to bring healing to imbalances affecting the brain.

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