Shungite Round Bead Bracelet


Miracle stone of ancient wisdom is a master healing, protection and grounding stone. Inspires cleansing and purification, infusion of spiritual Light, activation of the Light Body, adherence to truth.

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Chakra(s): Root
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Element(s): Earth

Shungite is an ancient stone of wisdom, healing, and protection. It is often referred to as a master healing stone or miracle stone because of the many benefits attributed to it. This stone is believed to be over two billion years old and is believed to bring Divine Light into the body, cellular memory, and human experience. The belief is that Shungite cleanses the physical body and energy bodies of lower level frequencies and negativity, preparing the consciousness to receive the Higher vibrations of Truth. Through this seeding, Shungite imparts its wisdom of the ages and becomes a guide on the path of unfolding, helping us to be still and listen.

As a grounding ally, Shungite brings us into balance with our Earth Star Chakra, allowing grounding to take place on multi levels, all the way into the Liquid Golden Core of our planet. This allows the sacred consciousness of Gaia and the Divine Feminine to move upward through our spine, allowing the root chakra and crown to open and higher dimensional alignment to take place with the Great Central Sun and the Masculine aspect of Creation.

As a healing tool, Shungite is believed to be a benefit to nearly all conditions that result from imbalance or toxic residue whether they are environmental, emotional, mental, or vibrational. Creating an elixir with rough Shungite placed in water is believed to bring rapid healing, balance, and release. Since it is believed to be a rapid detoxifier of negativity, this stone can be a beautiful Ally for anyone caught in the difficulties and challenges of life.

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