Shiva Lingam


Sacred Stone that brings transformation, purification, grounding and balance. Inspires the movement of kundalini and ascension. Deepens our connection to inner wisdom and the Divine.  

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Chakra(s): All

Zodiac: Scorpio

Element(s) Earth, Air, Water, Fire


Shiva Lingams are believed to be sacred stones that hold Divine, primordial energy from which all creation springs forth. They are found at one of seven sacred sites in India, near or in the Narmada River. Although some have been taken from the river, polished into perfect egg-shaped stones, these finds are extremely rare. Because Shiva Lingam are believed to represent the sacred stone of Hindu God, Shiva, their care in shaping and polishing, for the most part, still follows an ancient vedic method. 

God Shiva is believed to be the destroyer of old; old habits, old beliefs, old traditions, all that limit and no longer serve. Shiva Lingam is believed to carry this energy of destruction but also carry the balancing energy of transformation and new beginnings. It is the healer of polarities, yin and yang, right and wrong, etc., and it is believed that Shiva Lingam sets us on the path of ascension beyond our dualistic experience. 

Shiva Lingam brings grounding to body and energy bodies and balance to all chakras. It has a profound effect on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, opening, clearing and aligning them, creating a solid and powerful foundation that allows for advanced spiritual awakening. Shiva Lingam is believed to activate the kundalini, stimulate the energy system of the entire body with vital life force, and encourage purification of body and energy bodies. 

Shiva Lingam awakens heart consciousness and awareness of the pool of innate wisdom that we share with the Divine. It helps us to see the uniqueness and beauty of self as a perfect and individual expression of the Divine’s love and shows us how to honor the sacredness present in all life. Shiva Lingam awakens the Throat Center and helps us to find the courage to communicate with honesty and compassion. It brings about clarity and focus and opens a bridge of light to the Divine Realms and unified field of consciousness. Shiva Lingam is truly a stone Ally vibrating with the energy of pure creative potential! When they call to you, you will find that transformation is already on its way.

In healing, Shiva Lingam is believed to ease issues affecting overall health, reproductive issues, circulation, blood, brain fog, deepen meditations, and bring calm and peace to mind and emotion.

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