Serpentine Top Polished Point


Powerful stone that brings a sense of wholeness. Opens connection to the the angelic realms and promotes a greater experience of the Divine. Serpentine clears, heals and opens chakras, grounds and awakens kundalini energy.

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Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: Gemini
Element(s): Air, Earth

Serpentine is one of the most powerful stone allies to bring body, mind, and energy bodies into a “holy” alignment that connects one with the angelic realms and opens one to the greater experience with the Divine. Its higher vibrational frequencies clear, heal, and open chakras, releasing blocks, stagnation, and trauma of the past and present. It channels these energies from above down through the chakra column, grounding one into the consciousness of Earth.

Serpentine calls to the kundalini energy sleeping at the base of the spine and invites it to begin its journey of awakening. Serpentine energy is a bridge that connects us to the forces of the natural kingdom, allowing us to access the higher intelligence of nature, Earth, and the Elemental Kingdom. Serpentine is also a powerful healer of the physical body, bringing balance where imbalance exists. It brings stability to the emotional body, dissolving old patterns of the past and guiding one to overcome self-imposed limitations. It calms the intellect and resurrects our motivation and trust, freeing us from the fear of change and our personal power and abilities.

In healing, Serpentine is believed to assist healing with general imbalances, cancer, diabetes, immune system, lungs, stomach, and intestines. Eases anger and stress, and brings feelings of calm and well-being.

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