Ruby Fuschite Palm Stone


Ruby Zoisite – Spiritual awakening, balance of masculine and feminine, new beginnings, prosperity!


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Chakra(s): Heart, Crown
Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries
Element(s): Air, Water

Ruby Zoisite is a sacred marriage of two crystal allies, Ruby and Zoisite, that form a perfect balance that ignites passion for living and the deepening of our awareness of the Divine that exists in all. It is a way-shower to those on the spiritual path of awakening, connecting our hearts with our crown chakra, provoking memories of past lessons and the wisdom gained from these experiences.

Ruby Zoisite is believed to promote balance between our masculine and feminine aspects, inspire new beginnings, attract prosperity, and heal broken hearts of grief, anger, disappointment, and fear, transforming this energy to its natural vibration of love. Ruby Zoisite teaches how to live life from a more balanced perspective, promoting the healing of deep-seated emotional wounds so that one can live a more centered and happy life. It encourages clear, honest, and heartfelt communication and connection to the Divine Realms of Light.    

In healing, Ruby Zoisite is believed to have a positive effect on issues affecting heart, adrenals, blood, circulation, kidneys, spleen, veins, reproduction, lungs and intestines, eases depression, adrenal fatigue, menstrual pain, gynecological issues, bacterial infection, fever, motion sickness, impotence and sexual dysfunction and mood swings, panic attacks, and claustrophobia. It is also thought to regulate metabolism, promote cellular regeneration, sound sleep, sorrow, miscarriage, hysterectomy, support reproductive organs, heal infertility, and dispel sorrow.

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