Rhodonite Top Polished Point


Powerful stone of unconditional love that inspires profound healing for heart and emotions while awakening us to our greatest potential, talents and Divine Service.

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Chakra(s): Heart

Zodiac: Taurus

Element(s): Earth 

Rhodonite comes softly with its powerful vibration of unconditional love, stimulating deep and profound healing and opening of the Heart Chakra that reaches all the way into the authentic self and soul consciousness. Rhodonite brings balance and healing to the emotional body as it lays to rest the heartbreak, abuses and traumas of our past. It awakens our consciousness to the many unique gifts and talents we embody, and lays before us with clarity our true nature and soul purpose in this lifetime for our personal awakening and the awakening of humanity to Love. 

Rhodonite embodies the many qualities of unconditional love, but is a master teacher of gratitude, compassion, acceptance and self-worth. It moves us tenderly away from emotionally charged love and relationships and shows us how to open consciousness, to the experience of unconditional love that connects us to the Divine and the eternal Stream of Light that flows from the Heart of Creation. 

Rhodonite aligns us to our spiritual nature as it inspires extensive inner work. It exposes and helps us to release self-destructive behaviours, quiets anxiety and lays fertile the ground of mind, establishing a new dynamic for living. Rhodonite establishes a sense of calm and quiet confidence and shows us the way to forgiveness of self and others. This nurturing Ally uplifts, heals, and balances, while encouraging us to reach our greatest potential. 

In healing, Rhodonite is believed to ease issues affecting the heart, lungs, immune system, ease inflammation, improve hearing.

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