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Master teacher of selfless love for self and all creation. It inspires deep emotional healing, opening of the Heart Chakra and harmony and balance to all of our relationships and interactions.


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Chakra(s): Solar Plexus, Heart 

Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio

Element(s): Fire, Water 

Rhodochrosite is a master teacher of love without conditions. Its tender, yet powerful vibration of light elevates one’s consciousness beyond the confines of our Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra. Rhodochrosite brings deep and profound healing to the emotional body and heart. Healing that dives deep, taking you on a journey into the consciousness of your soul. 

Rhodochrosite inspires the most beautiful blossoming to take place in all of one’s affairs as it brings healing, harmony, and balance to all of our relationships. Whether the interaction is with situations, things, places or persons, including the relationship with self, Rhodochrosite promises to improve, expand and uplift every single relationship, in every aspect and dimension of our experience. It teaches us the deeper meaning of tolerance, love of self and selfless love for all creation.  

Rhodochrosite energy aligns with the vibrational heart of the Earth. It brings healing to the Earth just as it brings healing to the wounds, traumas and challenges that affect our experience. It creates a beautiful bridge of light, one that connects our lower and upper chakras and inspires balance between our physical and spiritual experience. 

In healing, Rhodochrosite is believed to ease issues affecting, heart, lungs, kidneys, circulatory system, immune system, digestive system and thyroid. It is also thought to relieve depression and anxiety and inspire happiness, contentment and joy.

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