Purple Turquoise w/Copper Pendant


Sacred stone of truth, balance and wisdom amplified by the innate qualities and perfection that copper embodies

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Chakra(s): Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element(s): Storm

Purple Turquoise carries the same benefits and qualities as Turquoise (see description for Turquoise). It has been regarded as a sacred stone by many ancient cultures. It is regarded as a stone of truth, balance, and wisdom inspiring one to embrace all that we are without judgment or censorship. It carries the power of protection, purification, and good fortune. It balances the masculine and feminine aspects of our being and awakens us to the balanced energies of this sacred marriage as mirrored in nature and the higher dimensions of Light. Regular exposure to Turquoise provides an experience of calm and stillness, allowing one to access innate wisdom and truth while enhancing intuition and one’s spiritual connection.

In healing, Turquoise is believed to improve relationships, assist in both written and oral communication, and inspire compassion and forgiveness. It is also believed to ease issues affecting the throat, eyes, circulatory system issues, and headaches, and assists the body in the absorption of nutrients.

**Because of recent shortages of Turquoise, soft, low-grade Turquoise is now being put through a process called stabilization that enhances its hardness and color. Purple Turquoise is a permanently dyed and stabilized crystal with gold and sometimes copper veining. It has recently become a favorite for jewelry makers and rock collectors. The stones carry the same metaphysical and physical healing benefits as Turquoise with the added benefit of the color purple and either gold or copper that is present.

Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: Taurus, Sagittarius
Element(s): Earth

Copper is a mineral that is believed to hold the wisdom of the evolving Earth and to possess the ability to teach one how to find their rhythm and balance with the natural world. It is a master conduit for moving energy. The energy of thought, feelings, and higher frequencies of the Divine are easily moved between persons, places, and things, mind and body, heaven and earth, etc. by the innate qualities of Copper. When Copper is paired with the energy of other stones or crystals, Copper acts as a powerful amplifier, director, and conductor of these frequencies, quickening and enhancing the healing potential they hold.

Copper is believed to assist in awakening one to the beliefs, habits, wounds, and fears that keep us stuck. It encourages the release of these thought forms and inspires greater self-esteem, confidence, clarity, and a renewed sense of self and vitality. It is also thought to bring luck and positive experiences into manifestation for those who use it often.

In healing, Copper is believed to be an essential mineral needed by the body in order to function properly. It is also thought to speed tissue and skin healing, ease arthritis pain and inflammation, help the body to detox, and bring relief to conditions affecting the glands, circulation, and metabolism by increasing oxygenation of the blood. Additionally, it may stimulate hormone production, increase energy, and promote a sense of calm and quiet.

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