Purple Fluorite Slab


Fluorite Crystals bring balance, order and harmony to mind, body and spirit grounding Divine frequencies of Love into our physical experience and dispelling the chaos of mind, emotion and spirit. Fluorite protects, strengthens and uplifts with its powerful and gentle energy encouraging a deeper understanding of self and others.

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Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius

Element(s): Air, Water

See Fluorite in the Crystals Meanings section for additional meaning. Purple Fluorite is believed to deepen our psychic awareness and perceptual vision and to assist one to perceive the other dimensional realms and realms of the spiritual. It teaches us discernment awakening one to their bias and deceptive beliefs. It channels healing energies to body and energy bodies to assist in the transmutation and transformation of our thoughts, actions and reactions that have ever been done from a place of discord or fear rather than love. Purple Fluorite supports spiritual expansion and enhances our insight and vision into self and the spiritual realms. It sharpens one’s mental aptitude, concentration and memory and instills a sense of peace, calm and harmony. 

In healing, Purple Fluorite is believed to ease and or eliminate negative repetitive behaviors.

All Fluorite varieties carry the the same qualities as Fluorite with special emphasis based on color.

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