Purple Aventurine RB Bracelet


Improves perspective, promotes psychic awareness, enhances motivation, helps to determine highest purpose.

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Chakra(s): Crown
Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces
Element(s): Water

Purple Aventurine is a stone of inner harmony. Its calm and harmonious vibration stimulate the crown chakra. It awakens us to the awareness of the authentic self and connection to the Divine. It assists us to understand our life purpose, and motivates one to appropriate action, making this a powerful ally for manifesting one’s deepest desires of the heart as well as abundance, wealth, and love. Like green and blue Aventurine, it promotes balance and alignment of the chakras and energy bodies, assisting to establish the flow of chi from the higher dimensions directing them to ground deep into the Earth. This helps to create a solid foundation to build on inspiring a positive view of life and the confidence to step into one’s greatest potential.

In healing, Purple Aventurine is believed to bring relief to issues affecting the the pineal and eyes, ease headaches, depression, and addictions, dispel negative repetitive behaviors, enhances dreams and interpretation of dreams.

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