PTSD Crystal Kit


PTSD Kit is a Sacred Marriage of seven crystals that assist to ease the symptoms of PTSD. Kit includes: 1 Rough Black Tourmaline, 1 Red Tiger Eye, 1 Black Obsidian, 1 Nuummite, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Petrified Wood, 1 Double Terminated Herkimer Diamond, 1 Velvet Pouch (pouch color may vary). See additional information below.

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Crystals Included In PTSD Kit

Black Tourmaline

  • Clears negative energy
  • Strengthens the Hara Line

Red Tiger Eye

  • Reconnects Hara Line

Black Obsidian

  • Aligns Hara Line


  • Grounds and repels negative energy
  • Retrieves soul fragments
  • Assists in opening and balancing Root and Sacral Chakra

Rose Quartz

  • Magnetizes the unconditional love of the Divine
  • Heals broken heart and emotional wounds
  • Assists in opening and balancing the Heart Chakra

Petrified Wood

  • Quiets primal fears that paralysis us
  • Facilitates deep grounding
  • Brings stability to our foundation and understanding
  • Assists in opening and balance the Root Chakra

Herkimer Diamond Double Terminated

  • Aids in healing emotional body
  • Manifestation of purity
  • Dispels lower frequencies and vibrations
  • Intensifies the healing potential of other crystals
  • Magnetizes bliss


***Hara Line

The Hara is a source of power and connection that provides an axis around which we exist while in the physical body. Its vibration exits in the fifth dimension and this vibration and tone resonates with the frequency of center Earth. This energy, holds our intentionality and purpose for being.

The Hara Line resembles a fine laser light. It moves down the fourth dimensional solar spine from the I AM Presence. It then moves down through our physical spine, down through the Earth Star Chakra and anchors into the Heart of the Liquid Sun at the center of our planet.

When we summon the Hara vibration, through sacred movement, breath, meditation or visualization, the golden liquid light from the Heart of the Sun below moves up the Hara, through the Earth Star Chakra and enters the physical body at the Root Chakra. This golden liquid light then begins to pool at the first Hara location just a few inches below the navel called the Tan Tien. It begins to manifest as a small sphere of golden light but over time and with persistence, this sphere becomes a radiant golden sun that fills the abdomen.

The Tan Tien connection quiets mind and emotion of worry, heals trauma, fills our physical experience with vitality, strength and a renewed sense of self. We recognize our center, purpose and value. It encourages health on every level and opens our experience to joy.

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