Pistachio Opal Palm Stone


Beautiful and tender Pistachio Opal brings gentle transformation to mind, body and spirit as it restores balance, improves relationships and inspires new directions.

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Chakra(s): Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius 

Element(s): Air, Water

Opal carries a sweet, gentle yet powerful energy that opens our consciousness to the precious nature of life itself. It has been associated with the lower chakra experience of love, passion and desire but Opal also brings awakening to higher vibrations of love, unconditional. It elevates our sense of worth, deepens and expands perception and intuition, inspires loyalty in our personal relationships and awakens psychic, spiritual and mystical qualities within us.  

Opal assists us to return to innocence and purity. It inspires hope and teaches us that what we put out in terms of thoughts and actions, is returned to us, amplified. It strengthens our connection to the Angelic Realm and higher dimensions of Light. Opal brings healing, cleansing and balancing to chakras, releases stress, is emotionally healing and nourishing and instills a sense of inner quiet and calm. It helps us to tap into our creative expression and shows us how to live, express and create from our honest and authentic self.

Green/Pistachio Opal brings gentle transformation to mind, body and spirit. It opens one’s awareness to the subconscious clutter allowing access to the underlying beliefs, fears and habits that interfere with exploring new directions and adopting new perspectives. Green Opal soothes, purifies and heals the heart and Heart Chakra, dissolving old programs that no longer serve, dissolving guilt and establishing a more balanced and stable emotional view. 

Green Opal helps to align our physical with energetic bodies. It teaches us when it is appropriate to take a break from our physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual activities before we fall down from exhaustion. Green Opal restores balance to all of our relationships, improves partnerships, deepens and improves sleep, deepens meditations and brings clarity and strength to will. This beautiful Ally will inspire, empower and encourage you to give new meaning and importance to life!

In healing, Pistachio Opal is believed to ease issues affecting the kidneys and adrenals,  immune system, ease inflammation, stress and anxiety, enhance dreams and deepen meditations.

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