Orange Selenite Palm Stone


Stone for clearing, cleansing and protection. It channels Divine healing Light into body and energy bodies to bring about healing, harmony and joy.


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Learn about this Orange Selenite Palm Stone:

Chakra(s): Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Taurus
Element(s): Water

Orange Selenite carries the same qualities as White Selenite. Selenite is a powerful crystal ally for energy clearing and cleansing, including the energy of other stones. This crystal never needs to be cleared because of its innate ability to repel and transmute negative energy. Selenite is believed to heal the aura and balance your chakras, while bringing the purifying White Light of the Divine into the body. It is an ideal stone for connecting with guardian angels and/or spirit guides and to higher levels of consciousness. It serves as a personal bridge to the Divine by dissolving the blocks and fears created by our wounds and beliefs. Used in grids Selenite offers the energy of protection and harmony for home and workplace as well.

Orange Selenite brings enhanced clearing to the sacral chakra boosting self-confidence, passion, sexuality and creativity. It promotes a sense of wellbeing, harmony, enthusiasm for life and joy.

In healing, Selenite is thought to have a greater effect on the energetic rather than physical level. However, it is believed to help align the spine, soothe nerves and nervous system, balance hormonal system, detox the body and energy field, and enhance clarity of mind.

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