Ocean (Sea) Jasper


Ocean Jasper brings the energy of joy to restore our natural rhythm and cycles, washing away the stagnant energies of mind and emotion and resurrecting our appreciation and passion for life!


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Chakra(s): Root, Heart

Zodiac: Aquarius, Leo

Element(s): Water

A cloudy disposition is no match for the joyful energy that Ocean Jasper embodies. This stone of Earth, influenced by ocean tide, has a tender energy that moves stagnant energy returning one to their natural rhythm and cycles that inspire peace, harmony and overall sense of wellbeing. Just as the movement of water erodes and sculpts a beautiful landscape over time, Ocean Jasper energy, like the movement of water, flows over and through our energy bodies washing away the negativity of the past and re-sculpting our perspective to one rooted in positive proactive momentum.

Ocean Jasper grounds our intention, strengthens and renews our passion and appreciation for life as it guides us to connect more deeply with the natural kingdom. It brings awareness to what lies beneath the surface of consciousness mind and assists us to un-earth and connect with our latent talents and abilities. This gentle and nurturing stone teaches us patience and how to “go with the flow”. Ocean Jasper enhances intuition and self-confidence and fills us with a sense of tranquil upliftment, similar to the feelings one experiences while sitting quietly on the beach of a gently moving ocean.

In healing, Ocean Jasper is believed to bring gentle healing to the major organs of the body, brain, heart, lungs, intestines, liver, spleen, skin, ease addictions, depression and anxiety, detox body and energy bodies.

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