Moss Agate/Silver Pendant


Stability, balance, grounding, abundance. Moss agate brings deep healing to the heart and awakens consciousness to the presence of the Divine.

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Chakra(s):Root, Heart
Zodiac: Virgo
Element(s): Earth

Slow and deliberate, Moss Agate comes softly with its vibration of Love, bringing stability and balance to every life it touches. Its deep rich color assists in bringing healing to the heart, calling forth the frequencies of the Divine to flow down from above. It then grounds this Lightforce deep into the consciousness of Gaia, awakening our consciousness to the Elemental Realm and ushering forth healing energies from the Earth to wash through us, detoxing mind, body, and finer bodies.

Moss Agate dissolves fear and emotional scars that hold us in unproductive patterns and then lights a pathway to new beginnings that support the growth of our body, mind, and spirit. It promotes physical health, wealth, and abundance and opens our awareness to the Divine that is vibrating in all that is, including ourselves. It promotes feelings of gratitude and assists us to see how precious and sacred our physical life experience is.

In healing, Moss Agate is believed to assist in bringing balance to issues affecting blood, circulation, lymph, digestion, immune system, intestines, and allergies. Brings relief to infections and congestion. Eases depression, inflammation, enhances self-esteem and clarity of mind and purpose.

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