Moonstone Triangle/Hexagonal Pendant


Awakens consciousness to the Divine Feminine Mystery and the Goddess within.

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Moonstone Triangle and Hexagonal Pendant Product Description

Chakra(s): Sacral, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
Element(s): Air, Water

Moonstone is the keeper of the feminine mystery and has long been associated with moon, lunar cycles, intuition, spiritual wisdom, contemplation, meditation, and awakening the Goddess within. The deepest held mysteries of the Divine Feminine are held by moonstone. It joyfully creates a bridge of Light that leads to the essence of the Divine Mother Wisdom, which teaches us how to awaken to the power of creation and the innate wisdom of the heart. A powerful frequency of love is held by Moonstone. It is a teacher of patience, self love, nurturing, compassionate communication, and how to create balance between mind and heart. Moonstone is believed to possess the energy of balance, capable of returning one to their natural rhythm and awakening us to our Divine potential. If you are looking to strengthen love without conditions, Moonstone will be a most supportive ally in this endeavor.

In healing, Moonstone is believed to heal issues related to the lymph, liver, digestion, reproduction, and hormonal systems, ease menstrual and menopausal issues, enhance fertility, eliminate toxins, aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, improve sleep, eliminate nightmares, protect travelers, release frustration, stress and worry, soothes, calms, promotes patience, acceptance, and creativity.

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