Mongolian Quartz w/Specularite & Hematite


Rare and stunning crystal that brings deep healing and purification to individual and masses. It awakens consciousness to truth, wisdom and love and inspires the manifestation of Divine creativity into our physical experience.

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Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: All
Element(s): Earth

Mongolian Quartz is a rare crystal formation from inner Mongolia that assists with purifying the emotional body of individuals, groups, or masses. It enhances clear communication and assists in grounding one’s intention in higher vibrational frequencies. As a higher vibrational stone it can be used for healing the planet and the mass conscious mind, as well as for deep healing on a personal level. Its powerful frequency of Love moves deep into the emotional body of person, place, or thing to dissolve the trauma of past wounds and hardships. Mongolian Quartz brings healing to the core. It awakens the Divine quality of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness within us, allowing us to  transcend the “sins of the past”, and turn these experiences into gems of wisdom that bring healing to self, others and the planet. These amazing crystal allies are heart centered master healers. When they call to you, you are sure to find yourself awakening to your greater service to self and the world.

Specularite is a form Hematite. Both are powerful grounding allies. Specularite stimulates both crown and root chakras and creates a strong bridge between the Earth centered qualities of Hematite with the realms of higher consciousness. Together they create a powerful forcefield of Light that transmutes and eliminates negative energy from within and around you and return these dense energies to their once perfected vibration of Love. Specularite and Hematite assist us to channel high frequency energy and “ground it” into our physical experience. 

In healing, Mongolian Quartz is believed to bring cleansing to the energetic bodies, dissolving blocks that keep us connected to past issues by inspiring release and forgiveness.

Discovered in 2012, Inner Mongolian Quartz comes from small mines and in several different forms. As a result, work with it has only begun and exploration of its many properties are only now being brought forward. Four distinct types have been discovered so far — cloudy quartz, frosted quartz with a white calcite coating, quartz with calcite coating with specularite (crystallized hematite) on the inside and outside, and quartz with red hematite inside along with specularite (crystallized hematite). Each form carries its own frequency.

The difference between three of these forms was captured with Aura Photography. Each form has its own unique aura and message for the person holding it. This stone’s power builds by melding with the touch of a person or another stone. Truly, Mongolian Quartz represents the ability of stones to help us access the realm of the Divine.

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