Himalayan Salt Angel Lamp


Himalayan Pink Salt lamps bring the power of Pink Halite and negative ions into your home or workplace. Aside from their beauty Himalayan Salt Lamps are believed to purify and instill peace in individual and environment and alleviate SAD’s (Seasonal Affective Disorder). For more information see Crystal Meanings for Himalayan Pink Salt and Negative Ions.


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Chakra(s): All
Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces
Element(s): Earth

Himalayan Pink Salt is actually Pink Halite. It carries a soft and tender energy of love, one that brings healing to the physical heart and heart chakra. Pink Halite dissolves the wounds of past heartbreak and trauma inspiring the will to forgive self and others, opening one to love deeply again. It renews our spiritual connection, brings grounding, dissolving confusion. It instills peace and calm and brings balance to mind and emotions. Pink Halite purifies the physical body and energy bodies, releasing negativity and dense energies and then imbues the aura with its beautiful frequency of love, creating a protective barrier that repels unwanted and harmful energies.

In healing, Himalayan Pink Salt is a powerful agent for detoxing body and energy bodies. Used on the skin when wet, it pulls toxins from the body and energy field, reduces acidity, soothes sore muscles and eliminates bacteria and fungus on the skin. Himalayan Pink Salt also contains approximately 84 trace minerals that are needed by our physical body so apply wet bars to the skin allows these minerals to be absorbed. It is believed to bring healing to issues affecting kidneys, lymph, nervous system, intestines, lungs, skin, and metabolism, along with easing infections and anxiety, enhance confidence and attract prosperity.

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