Hematite TS Bracelet


Master grounding stone that channels Divine frequencies of love into our experience, providing protection, and assisting to find balance, harmony and courage. Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical.

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Chakra(s): Root
Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius
Element(s): Earth, Fire

Hematite is a master grounding stone that channels the higher vibrations of the Divine into our physical experience, creating a bridge between heaven and earth. It grounds one deep into the consciousness of Earth, connecting our consciousness with the wisdom of balanced living that is reflected to us from the natural kingdom, showing us the harmony and power that exist when opposites are aligned. It shows us the path of balanced opposites between masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual, work and play, etc., but its greatest gift is awakening us to the Divine Law of balanced Giving and Receiving. When we embody this law, the flow of abundance ushers forth from the Divine Heart and Mind and brings prosperity in many forms to us. Hematite carries an energy that clears away anxiety, stress, and worry and pulls negativity out of the aura where it can be neutralized through the activity of Divine Light. It is known to enhance self-esteem, stimulate courage, mind, and memory, inspire creative new ideas, and assist in manifesting dreams into reality.

In healing, Hematite is believed to assist with detoxing the body, blood, and electromagnetic emissions. It is also believed to increase circulation, soothe headaches, and help one deal with addictions. Hematite is also thought to bring a sense of calm, align spine, mend broken bones, cool the physical body, ease blood disorders, nerve problems, insomnia, leg pain, back pain, and reduce stress.

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