Garnet is considered a sacred and transformational crystal that inspires passion for living and creative endeavors. Garnet revitalizes the Root Chakra, opens the Heart Chakra and creates a force field of protection.


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Chakra(s): Root, Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Virgo, Aquarius

Element(s): Earth, Fire

The ancient stone Garnet is considered to be sacred and transformational. Its magical energy inspires one to refocus attention from life’s challenges to a focus of well-being. It carries the frequencies of Divine Light that beckon the heart to open, inhibitions to fall away, and the internal fire of passion and creativity to burn brightly while bringing balance to the temperament of mind and emotion. As a stone of protection it creates a force field of Light that repels negative energy and dissolves negative internal programming. 

Garnet is also a grounding stone that clears and revitalizes the root chakra and re-energizes our reconnection to Earth, opening us to revel in the beauty that the world within and around us holds. It promotes feelings of safety and security, strength, and vitality. Garnet inspires deep commitment in relationships with partners, others, and ourselves as it works to dissolve fear that our hearts will be broken again, re-establishing a true feeling of trust that it is safe to give and receive love once more, allowing one to take charge of their life with joy!

In healing, Garnet is believed to detox the body, energizes the chakras and energy bodies, bring healing to lungs, pituitary, blood, liver, circulation, and metabolism. It is also believed to soothe anger, calm aggression, improve self-esteem, instill a sense of unity and grace, and promote the flow of abundance.

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