Green Fluorite Slab


Fluorite Crystals bring balance, order and harmony to mind, body and spirit grounding Divine frequencies of Love into our physical experience and dispelling the chaos of mind, emotion and spirit. Fluorite protects, strengthens and uplifts with its powerful and gentle energy encouraging a deeper understanding of self and others.

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Chakra(s): Heart 

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Element(s): Air, Water


See Fluorite for additional meaning. Green Fluorite is associated with deep healing on all levels of one’s being as it works to bring balance and clearing to the seven chakras of the body. It has a profound effect on the Heart Chakra as it works to dissolve deep emotional trauma and deeply held negativity that impedes one’s opening to love and self-love. Green Fluorite aligns our intention and motivation with the consciousness of heart, encourages personal growth and spiritual awakening and strengthens resolve as it opens awareness to the beliefs and fears that interfere with the experience of joy. 

In healing, Green Fluorite is believed to bring healing to issues affecting the heart and to assist body and energy bodies to detox.

All Fluorite varieties carry the the same qualities as Fluorite with special emphasis based on color.

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