Dragon Skin Quartz | 3 1/2″


The ancient wisdom of the ascended Dragons comes together with the power of Quartz and Chromium to create a crystal of intelligence and love whose purpose is to guide Humanity in their ascension process………one Human at a time! These remarkable Crystals “select” their Human and when they call you to them, you will not be able to say no! What you will receive however, is their loving guidance that brings healing to body and emotion, clarity to mind and purpose, opening of the heart and conscious connection to the Divine. Dragons are truly transformational!


Chakra(s): Heart, Third Eye

Zodiac: Aries, Pisces, Libra

Element(s): Fire, Air

Dragon Skin Quartz is a Quartz Crystal that has been treated with chromium and heat to produce the beautiful green color and finish that you see. There are many controversial writeups about this crystal because it is a stone that has been humanly altered or enhanced. We would like to give our assessment of this unique and magical combination based on our personal experience and the reported experiences of Dragon owners who visit our shop.

The legend states that the Chinese, who have long honored and respected the symbol of the Dragon, were entrusted with the process of merging chromium with clear quartz which allowed Dragon consciousness, which had ascended, to reunite with humanity. The myth states that this is happening now because the qualities that Dragon holds are ready to be birthed into the mass consciousness to provide support and guidance for the evolving consciousness of humanity. Like the Dragons of legend that could live for thousands of years, Dragon consciousness that is awakening now will also remain present for the many years needed to see humanity through their ascension process.

The symbology of Dragon is one steeped in mystery. In many cultures, Dragon is believed to possess ancient wisdom that guides one to the path that leads to the heaven realms. It is also a symbol of fertility, and in Feng Shui Dragon represents abundance and luck and is believed to open one to their clarity of purpose. These qualities, along with the green color infused onto its surface, create a beautiful vibration that is associated with multi-level healing and awakening heart consciousness.

 Dragon Skin Quartz is believed to be a crystal that promotes spiritual transformation. It awakens us to the Light within and teaches us how to shine this Light out into the world. It assists us in recognizing the innate joy that is vibrating in every person, place, and thing, and helps to set this perception as our default for living a life from the perspective of appreciation and grace. Dragon Skin Quartz is believed to make us aware of our imbalances of mind, body, and spirit while guiding us to heal, awaken, and prosper. These amazing crystals are powerful guides and guardians who quiet our minds so that we can be guided by their wisdom, compassion, acceptance, and serenity. 

 In August 2014, Gina, our owner, found a Master Dragon which we refer to as Dragon Sensi. We learned that Dragon Sensi trains and awakens the smaller Dragon Skin crystals. Once this is done, the personality of the individual crystal comes forward to bond with their human. Each crystal woos the perfect individual that is a match to the vibration of healing that it offers, and when the meeting takes place, the Dragon crystal starts talking to the absolute amazement of those chosen.  We have stories from Dragon owners of the powerful guidance and healing experienced. Some actually take their Dragons to work, and sleep and meditate with them. Dragon Sensi is honored and respected for his great capacity, wisdom, and blessings. We are deeply grateful for his compassionate and powerful work awakening and training our Dragon Skin Crystals to their work in the world.

In healing, Dragon Skin Quartz is believed to ease chronic fatigue, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, issues with immune system, abdominal issues, stomach, intestines, and infections, enhance circulation and metabolism, promote weight loss, increase circulation, and detox body and energy bodies. It is also believed to bring joy, balance, clarity, abundance, blessings, good luck, and self-confidence. Dragon Skin Quartz is a powerful all around healing crystal that seeks to bring to their person the healing that is needed most, next!

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.75 × 2.25 in