Dragon Bloodstone RB Bracelet


This Dragon Bloodstone bracelet is made from the Stone of Empowerment and Transformation. It awakens heart consciousness and connects this vibration of love to our deepest passions. Enhances Life Force, courage, strength, and vitality.

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Dragon Bloodstone Bracelet Powers

Chakra(s): Heart
Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio
Element(s): Air, Fire

Dragon Bloodstone is known as a stone of empowerment. It is an ancient crystal that is believed to bring about transformation both in the physical and spiritual. It has a strong association to the heart chakra, awakening our inner passion and connecting us to our heart consciousness and inner wisdom. It teaches us how to tap into our compassion, courage, and forgiveness. Dragon Bloodstone is believed to attract prosperity in its many forms, including wealth and love, to finding new directions and creative outlets. It is believed to protect the auric field, increase vitality, and strengthen vital energy of mind, body, and spirit. It is believed to inspire kundalini, align chakras, and assist in our awakening to truth so we can see our limiting beliefs and ideologies.

In healing, Dragon Bloodstone is believed to boost the immune system, purify and detox blood and organs, ease inflammatory conditions, increase endurance, and broaden our scope of consciousness from the microcosm of self to the macrocosm of humanity.


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