Desert Rose Selenite


Embodies the qualities of the Divine, balanced nature of masculine and feminine and creates a bridge of Light between our physical and spiritual life.

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Chakra(s): Root, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio
Element(s): Earth, Water

The symbol and essence of the rose has long been connected to the Divine and believed to carry the divine qualities of honor, balance, wisdom, acceptance and passion to name just a few. Desert Rose crystals embody these qualities of the Divine and more. Desert Rose carries a soft, beautiful energy that clears and opens the upper chakras and activates the Root, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It channels the divine energies of masculine down the chakra column and grounds them deep into Earth and the feminine mystery. This sacred marriage of masculine and feminine brings a powerful balance that promotes the dissolution of energy blocks, thoughtforms and beliefs that lead to negative repetitive behavior or keep one stuck in the present or past. Desert Rose creates a bridge of Light between Heaven and Earth strengthening our connection to the Divine, encouraging connection with our inner truth and acknowledgement of the dreams and desires living in the heart.

Desert Rose inspires unyielding focus and commitment, teaches the true meaning of perseverance and guides one to step beyond any obstacle life puts before you. It encourages flexibility in thinking, boosts confidence and elevates sense of self and worth. Desert Rose is a true ally that brings harmony, balance, wisdom and passion for living, guiding one to a life that is centered, calm and motivated by love.

In healing, Desert Rose is believed to ease issues affecting the bones, ease inflammation, balance brain chemistry, detox and purify body and energy bodies, instill calm and peace and is a stone of protection for individual and environment.

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