Covellite Free Form


Look deeply into the deep blues and blacks of Covellite and its beautiful vibration of Love will carry your soul on a journey of transformation and awakening. Releasing past karma and accessing past mastery!

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Chakra(s): Earth Star, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element(s): Air, Water

Look deeply into a piece of Covellite and it will take you on a soul journey that has the power to awaken and transform. It guides our conscious understanding deep into our shadow self where we have hidden our deepest held fears, hold karma from past lives and our lineage, and beliefs that have disconnected us from our Divine Spark. Covellite brings the new understanding and awareness of the dispensation from the Divine that releases us of all past karma and insight on how to bring resolution to the karma in a present life embodiment.

Covellite brings clearing to Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra enhancing intuition and perception and our conscious connection to spiritual guidance and the Divine. It establishes a bridge of Light from the Divine Realms, down through the spine and anchors these frequencies deep into the Earth and our Earth Star Chakra. Covellite opens a pathway from conscious mind to the Earth Star Chakra and assists us to retrieve the wisdom, mastery, lessons and talents achieved in past embodiments that are stored here. Covellite teaches us how to interpret the language of mirrored reflections……… our perception and experience of the external universe is communicating volumes about our internal universe and how to utilize this information and understanding for the transformation of mind, body and spirit.

Covellite is a conductor of energy because of its copper content (see Crystal meaning for Copper) and is able to receive as well as send energy for personal or long-distance healing.

In healing, Covellite is believed to ease issues affecting, ears, nose, throat, eyes, sinuses, slow or interrupt irregular cell formation, ease viral, fungal and bacterial infections, slow cancer, detox body to cellular level, relieve depression

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