Companion Guide to Awakening and Healing The Rainbow Body by Jessie Ayani


Familiarize yourself with the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide. The organization of the working material on this path to self-mastery is a mirror of our own complex, interwoven nature. Imagine a weaving. Pulling any thread in the weaving affects the entire fabric. The threads are individual parts of a meaningful whole. So it is with our stories, our egos, our actions and reactions, and our thinking. Like apprenticing experts in tapestry restoration, we use simple tools to restore the fabric of our souls to their original intent. In a very real way, this work is preparation for conscious death, as we continually, consciously experience our life review, self-correct and integrate more of our true self.


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Here is the practical guidebook to lead you through the first three levels of consciousness on the Rainbow Body spiritual path. The Companion Guide is thoroughly practical, self-sustaining and enormously empowering. You will become part of a small fictitious group of seekers who share their lives, their healing work, their ups and downs, and progress on the path with each other and you. It is a must for all of Jessie’s students and can be used as a guide to pull your own friends together for some serious progress on the path.

Heart opening — that Aquarian longing for life in the Fifth Dimension — cannot be realized without prior mastery of the Inner World (the Fourth Dimension, Astral, Mind or Soul as it is reference). To attain self-mastery requires that we bring the unconscious into consciousness, thus mastering both this reality (being in the culture but not of it) and the soul (self-realization). You can begin that journey through the first three levels of consciousness right now, using this book as your guide and the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body book as your theoretical reference. Its style is amiable and surprisingly grounded. That lack of formality compliments a fusion of cutting edge science, enlightened development research, and progressive global citizenry that weaves its way steadily through this guidebook.

Your personal goal may be the living of a more conscious and joyful life. It could well be the quest for your soul’s purpose — your reason for being here right now. Perhaps you are moving towards your service to the planet and humanity. Whatever your goal, this empowering spiritual guidebook will help light your way.

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