Celestite TS


Powerful crystal of unconditional Love that evokes serenity, tranquility, communication with the Angelic Realm and connection to the Divine.


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Chakra(s): Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Dimensional Chakras

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra

Element(s): Wind


Celestite is known as a crystal of higher vibrational frequencies and brings the energy of serenity and tranquility into our experience. It has the power to clear, balance, and awaken our third eye and crown chakras, stimulating one’s personal spiritual awakening. Because of the loving frequency it emanates, Celestite creates sacred space that allows enhanced communication with the Angelic Realm and a deep and profound connection to the wisdom and truth of the Higher Dimensions of Light. 

Celestite brings about healing in the auric field and energy bodies by dispelling negativity and charging it with the qualities of unconditional love. Celestite is a wonderful ally during meditation, prayer, or any spiritual practice as this beloved crystal will gently nudge you into letting go of everything that no longer serves you, opening you to experience a deeper connection with the Spiritual Realms. 

In healing, it is believed to promote healthy balance of our chakra system, assist with detoxing the aura, improve mood, calm the mind, heal broken hearts, restore harmony in relationships, uplift mood, support digestion, ease issues affecting the urinary system, and re-energize the body.

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