Carnelian and Black Onyx Bracelet


Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action. Expanding awareness, quickening and grounding manifestation. Encourages inner strength, focused attention, willpower, and discipline.

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Carnelian and Black Onyx Bracelet Properties


Chakra(s): Root, Sacral
Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo
Element(s): Fire

Carnelian carries a beautiful warm and soothing frequency that also embodies the energy of inspired action. This powerful ally will motivate, empower, and re-energize. Carnelian works to bring balance, clearing, and grounding to the lower three chakras, allowing the energy of Spirit to move through us, awakening our senses to the force of true passion and creative ideas that inspire new beginnings in and for life. It promotes courage, prosperity, compassion, and self-awareness and dispels anger, lethargy, and procrastination.

In healing, Carnelian is believed to release stress, trauma, and congestion, stimulate circulation and fertility, assist with assimilation of vitamins and minerals, and bring well-being to nearly every system of the physical body. It is also believed to bring balance to the masculine and feminine aspect of our dual persona, enhancing sexuality, which strengthens our connection between our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Black Onyx

Chakra(s): Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Zodiac: Capricorn, Leo
Element(s): Earth, Fire

Black Onyx is a stone of inner strength, protection, and grounding. It strengthens by inspiring self-discipline and the uprooting of repetitive negative behaviors. It protects by absorbing and transmuting negative energy and repelling invasive frequencies. It is an excellent grounding stone that teaches us, energetically, how to connect with Earth energies so that we receive the benefit of the calm, focus, and balance one experiences that results when we are appropriately connected to the consciousness of Gaia/Earth. Black Onyx can be the catalyst for transformation because of its ability to bring us into greater alignment with higher dimensional frequencies and to crack open the blocks within “mind” to help us perceive inner truth, making it possible to see ourselves as we truly are. It is an amazing guide, teaching “right use of power” as we grow spiritually, and encourages emotional balance, which is key to awakening the deeper consciousness of heart.

In healing, Black Onyx is believed to be useful for strengthening bones, feet, and physical strength, and easing disorders associated with blood, heart, and ears. It may also be beneficial
to help with hearing problems, ulcers, glaucoma, and epilepsy.


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