Blue Apatite 8mm RB Bracelet


Awakens perception, clarity of mind, compassion and truthful communication. May ease headaches, elevate mood, and encourage positivity.

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Blue Apatite Bracelet Product Description

Chakra(s): Throat, Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra

Element(s): Air


Blue Apatite is a higher vibrational stone of unconditional love and inspiration that awakens perception, intuition and heart consciousness. It shifts our perspective from self to one for the greater good of all. Blue Apatite brings clarity to mind as it dissolves chaos and instills a deep sense of calm and balance. It enhances our experience of the spiritual, brings awareness of past lives and karma, and assists one to consciously connect with their life purpose.

 Blue Apatite encourages compassionate, truthful communication and self-expression, enhances dreams and meditations, and brings general healing and purification to the finer energy bodies. In healing Blue Apatite is believed to ease issues affecting throat, eyes, brain, ease headaches, encourage positive habits, and elevate mood.

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