Black Tourmaline


Grounding, purification, protection and balance are some of the gifts of Light that Black Tourmaline bestows.

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Chakra(s): Root, 

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element(s): Earth

Black Tourmaline takes you on a journey deep into the heart of grounding and purification. It grounds one deep into the Liquid Golden Sun at the center of our planet bringing about a deep and profound connection to the consciousness of Gaia and the Feminine aspect of God. Black Tourmaline brings powerful healing as it promotes deep and intense purification of body and energy bodies as the removal, dissolution and transmutation of negative energy, thought forms and energetic and physical garbage are eliminated. 

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones of protection. Its intense color and vibration move deep and wide to create a force field of Light around our physical body while shielding the many layers and dimensions of our being. The grounding and purifying activity of Black Tourmaline brings balance and harmony to chakras, enhances sense of wellbeing and deepens our connection to the authentic self.

In healing Black Tourmaline is believed to ease issues affecting adrenals, lungs, heart, circulation and metabolism. It is also thought to shield from electromagnetic radiation, ease anxiety, worry, lethargy, addictive behaviors, improve stamina and vitality and brings about a deep sense of safety and security.

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