Awakening and Healing The Rainbow Body by Jessie Ayani


This path to self-mastery asks that we become aware of our self as light/energy – sacred geometry compressed into form (our rainbow body). Encoded within the geometric light scaffolds of our rainbow body are the challenges for spiritual growth within this life as well as the purpose of our soul. Will we fulfill that purpose? Consciousness is a choice, not a requirement, of life on earth.

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An artful weaving of timeless truth and wisdom, this non-fiction book presents an autonomous path to higher consciousness through knowledge, healing and self-management of your multi-dimensional rainbow body. This work is within the grasp of anyone willing to objectively self-observe and self-correct. We are invited to enter the path of liberation — the liberation of consciousness that culminates in enlightenment or self-realization.

Though a useful adjunct to any spiritual teaching, this path to enlightenment does not require gurus, priests, or teachers to lead us to God. It asks us to look within, rather than without, to find the master that knows herself/himself as a reflection of God. It asks us to live our divinity on earth. Without mastery of our astral or soul body, the fifth dimension’s dynamic activation and opening of the heart (Christ Consciousness) will remain a mythic heaven.

This book contains the theory upon which the Companion Guide and Shamanic Journey work is based —an introduction to your miraculous Rainbow Body.

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