Apophyllite Cluster


Powerful crystal that is a gift to Humanity from the Creator that inspires awakening of our conscious mind to our deep connection to Earth and the Divine Realms of Light to bring about worldly transformation, connection to inner wisdom and inspire a life filled with peace and harmony.

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Chakra(s): Heart, Crown
Zodiac: Gemini, Pisces
Element(s): Air, Water

Apophyllite is a higher vibrational crystal that channels the Divine frequencies of Love into the physical by creating a bridge of Light between our physical experience and the Divine. It connects our awareness deep into the consciousness of Earth, connects us to the elemental kingdom, opens us to perceive spiritual guidance, the Angel Realm and the higher dimensional beings of Light. This connection inspires the flow of Light into body and energy bodies bringing healing to all aspects of one’s being, physical, emotional, and energetic, and brings enhancement to all intuitive gifts and perceptual abilities awakening consciousness to the inner sanctum where personal wisdom and truth reside. Apophyllite is a powerful guide that can recall our past lives and inspire remembrance of dreams to further our understanding of ourselves on our journey. Used in meditation it becomes a powerful ally as its loving frequencies gently open, guide, and awaken. Apophyllite also brings balance to the emotional body dissolving grief, trauma, and fear that interferes with establishing the flow of Light that connects the Heaven worlds with our Earthly experience and expression.

In healing, Apophyllite will bring about a sense of harmony, happiness, and love by drawing off negative energy and transmuting it to Light! It is believed to ease fatigue, lung and respiratory issues, allergies, and skin ailments. Additionally, it is believed to improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration and promote good health and prosperity.

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