Amazonite Free Form 3.5″


In healing, Amazonite is believed to bring healing to the heart, throat, spleen, metabolism, thyroid, parathyroid, liver, teeth, issues affecting the bones and nervous system.

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Chakra(s): Heart, Throat

Zodiac: Virgo

Element(s) Earth, Water

Amazonite is believed to be a stone of courage, hope, truth, harmony, self-confidence, and communication, to name just a few. The energy it carries inspires the heart and throat chakras to open, awakening consciousness to the inner truths of our innate wisdom and beauty of our soul purpose and service. Amazonite encourages authentic expression of self by dissolving fear of judgment from self and others, and teaches us the power of truth when spoken or offered with genuine compassion.

It assists us to lovingly set boundaries from a place of balance rather than fear, and inspires a sense of peace that quiets worry and confusion of mind. Amazonite balances our masculine and feminine aspects, releases old traumas, neutralizes negative and fear-based thinking, enhances confidence and vitality, and is believed to promote success and luck, encourage leadership, and assist in making dreams come true.

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