7 Chakra Immunity and Anxiety Support


7 Chakra Kit contains eight (8) crystals that support the balancing, healing or stimulating of the seven chakras and the immune system while providing relief for feelings of anxiety. For additional information on each of the crystals included, please see the short description below.  

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Our 7 Chakra Immunity and Anxiety Support Kit contains eight (8) crystals that support  the balancing, healing or stimulating of the seven chakras and the immune system while providing relief for feelings of anxiety. For additional information on each of the crystals included, please check them out on our crystal meanings page: https://prismsscape.com/crystal-meanings/

Selenite – Crown Chakra. Selenite is a powerful crystal ally for energy clearing and cleansing, including the energy of other stones and the environment. This crystal never needs to be cleared  because of the vibration of Light that it embodies and its innate ability to repel and transmute negative energy. Selenite is believed to heal the aura and balance your chakras, while bringing the purifying White Light of the Divine into the body. Selenite also facilitates healing of the body and energy bodies, dissolving blocks and purifying the auric field. It inspires the release of insecurities and assists us in realizing our deepest desires. 

Sodalite – Third Eye Chakra. Sodalite is an amazing crystal ally that illuminates our understanding of our personal truth, universal truth, and helps us to become aware of the difference. It deepens and widens our perspective and perception, bridges our conscious and unconscious mind and assists us to understand our emotional issues.

Blue Calcite – Throat Chakra. Blue Calcite inspires powerful healing in this power center. It reaches deep into past life trauma that can be stored in this chakra and gently brings release, resolution and healing to these wounds. Blue Calcite facilitates access to the creative unconscious, soothes and protects the emotional body, and inspires authentic self expression. 

Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal and unconditional Love, linking us to the masculine and feminine aspects of Creation. These frequencies of the Divine are instrumental in the transformation of our relationships with others, self, and all life. It is one of the most popular and powerful crystals whose service is to teach us the way to forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and reverence for all life… especially, ourselves. Rose Quartz aids us to release the trauma of the past and re-establishes harmony, trust, and a renewed sense of our authentic self.

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine is known as a crystal that inspires prosperity and manifestation. It is a magical mix of energies that teaches what can happen when the right use of intention and will come together in harmony. It reminds us of the limitlessness of the Divine and inspires the release of fear that holds us back, opening us to trust in the flow of love once more. Citrine strengthens personal will, mental clarity and creativity. Simulates optimism, imagination and decisive action. 

Sunstone – Sacral Chakra. Sunstone is a powerful ally that embodies the masculine aspect of God, and brings its powerful vibration to clear and energize chakras, open meridians, and imbue the body with transformational life force. It is a stone of protection as it dispels internal negative chatter, thought forms, beliefs, and the negativity of the external world. It encourages a positive outlook, inspires a calm and peaceful outlook and assists us in overcoming self-doubt. 

Black Tourmaline – Root Chakra. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for protection and grounding. It  strengthens our connection to the Hara Line which is a laser-like connection between the physical body and the heart of the liquid golden sun at the center of our planet. This energy connection is one of the most important and powerful connections we make energetically because it is the axis we exist around, that sustains us while in physical embodiment.   

Clear Quartz – All Chakras. Clear Quartz is a master healer and crystal for transformation. This versatile healing crystal can be programmed with one’s intention for healing self and/or others. It is imbued with the power to bring balance to all aspects of one’s being, encouraging harmony and vitality to enter the physical and energy bodies. As the “mother” of all crystals, it is a master conduit for amplifying and transmitting energy.  It embraces the Divine qualities expressed by each individual stone that is paired with it and then amplifies, strengthens and expands their healing characteristics, accelerating and intensifying the healing and awakening qualities that each individual crystal brings. 

For additional information on each of the crystals included in the kit, please check them out on our crystal meanings page: https://prismsscape.com/crystal-meanings/


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