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Blue Onyx & Howlite Bracelet


Relieves stress & grief. Strengthens self-control and morality. Aids in decision making. Helps one receive wisdom and attunement from higher self and the Divine, enhances meditation.

Carnelian & Black Onyx Bracelet


Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action. Expanding awareness, quickening and grounding manifestation. Encourages inner strength, focused attention, willpower, and discipline.

Chakra Stones Bracelet


Chakra bracelet to bring balance to the seven chakras of our physical body and encourage balance between mind, body and spirit.

Clear Quartz Bracelet


Clear Quartz is a master healer and crystal for transformation. It purifies all levels of our being and environment and creates a bridge of Light that amplifies and awakens consciousness to our deeper connection with the Divine.

Dragon Bloodstone RB Bracelet


Stone of empowerment and transformation. It awakens heart consciousness and connects this vibration of love to our deepest passions. Enhances Life Force, courage, strength, and vitality.

Garnet Nugget Bracelet


Garnet is considered a sacred and transformational crystal that inspires passion for living and creative endeavors. Garnet revitalizes the Root Chakra, opens the Heart Chakra and creates a force field of protection.

Garnet RB Bracelet


Ancient stone of sacred transformation. Garnet grounds and protects and awakens conscious understanding to the inherent beauty in all. Emotional healing, self-worth, walking the spiritual path, strength and security.