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XP Divine Connection

I serve by channeling The Divine. As a direct channel, my connection enables Divine Energies to manifest into the physical as they purify the subtle bodies. Awakened to the Higher-Self and guided by Divine Intelligence, I usher forth “The Perfect Body,” a blueprint of what is to be received by the Soul, creating a “State of Grace” thereby expanding potentialities of redemption to the Authentic-Self. Achieving realization of this Divine-Self becomes possible as illusions are dispelled, energies realigned, destructive behaviors neutralized, karma dispensed, and Truth accessed. Ascension begins with redemption. Redemption makes viable the realization of the Divine-Self, an identity of Pure Unity with access to unconditional love to nourish the Soul and sustain this Divine state of perfection.

“Faith is your sword and shield on this journey to enlightenment. You control your ascension. I AM but a beacon to guide and light the way. In time, Faith will give way to Divine Truth.”
– Xander Bellus 2017

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